Thursday, October 1, 2009

Obama and His Wifey Dearest Are in Denmark

Even though I still think that he should have kept his face ( and ears ) out of Denmark, there they are!
While I disagree with the way Joe Wilson handled himself the other week when he shouted "YOU LYE" , I adamantly agree with his sentiment. I have to give him some kudos for actually feeling so strongly about the healthcare issue. He was certainly more passionate about his ideas on the issue than our dear President is. But, regardless of who that President is -- is not acceptable.
As for the speech, I did not watch it, because I knew in advance that I wouldn't believe anything that Obama would say. . I bet millions of Americans shouted "LIAR" from their living rooms more than once. And where is he now? In Denmark pitching for the Olympics with his wifey and Oprah? Why isn’t he in Washington instead doing his job and telling General McChrystal that he will send the troops he asked for to help the troops that are already there. please at least acknowledge the commander on the ground, if no more than to tell him you're still trying to decide!! A little communication will be respected by all. But no, As expected, Hussein retreats to attend something far more important than deal with the field General's plea who is presently fighting a war like going to Denmark with 2 airplanes full of his friends.
As the nation continues in economic crisis and Iran flips the finger at us, of course the POTUS should join the wifey in Denmark to pitch the Olympics./s Guess he either doesn't trust that Michelle can bring home the bacon on this one or he just enjoys spending tax-payer money to fly out of the country and let his Vice Clown, Biden handle the economy, healthcare reform and Iran. More poor judgment on the Prez' part. Hopefully, Denmark and friends haven't seen the video of the kid beaten to death in Chicago.
I guess there must be a sale on shoes in Denmark and first lady Michelle and Oprah want to support the sale and add a few million dollars to Denmark’s economy. .
Obama will just ignore the military request and say I didn't know anything about it. Like he said about not knowing the amount of money that was given to ACORN. And how about dealing with the Iran problem? Is Denmark also more important than that? As the Commander in Chief, Obama will make his decision and the General will say "Yes Sir". That's our Constitution, and that's the way it is.. Like it or not, it don’t make any difference how our troops are getting slaughter out there in Afghanistan. If President Obama chooses not to listen to his generals, then he needs to go all the way and completely pull out of Afghanistan. And not let the troops already there get slaughtered.
One has to wonder if Obama wants us to win or lose this war.


  1. Dear Leader may have thought he needed a vacation. It was nice of him to take Oprah along with him.

    He needs to take his mind off his problems for a few months and kick it with the jet set.

  2. I heard a news report yesterday that the White House claims McChrystal is "one of many" people the consult on Afghanistan. What a joke. They consult with the SEIU boss on a weekly basis but the general on the field gets jack.

  3. General McChrystal flew to Denmark with President Obama.

    You ought to check out THAT news report.

    October 2, 2009
    Obama met with General McChrystal today in Copenhagen
    Aboard Air Force One this morning, President Obama met with his top Afghanistan commander. Mr Obama and Army General Stanley McChrystal met for 25 minutes on the presidential plane in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Obama was overseas to make a presidential push Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic games before the International Olympic Committee. McChrystal was in London Thursday for a speech on Afghanistan and traveled to Copenhagen to meet with the Commander in Chief.

    "The president wanted to take the opportunity to get together with Gen. McChrystal," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters aboard AF1 just before takeoff for Washington.

    Let's see a trip to and from Denmark with General McChrystal. That's a lot of face time for the CiC and the General.

  4. Shaw thinks that was a great thing! Give me a friggen break.
    WHY didn't Obama meet with the General in Whashington? He'd rather inconvenience the General by having him fly long distance to come to Copenhagen for a 25 minute talk!!!

    Is that the only way that he could meet with his commanding General? He spent more time trying to get the Olympics to the crime capital of the midwest, than talking to a General who is trying to win a war against radical Muslims..What does that tell you about this fools priorities? But then his 'me me me'wife sacrificed so much going to Copenhagen. I can't wait to banish these White House squatters..

  5. You know I wonder if the our President was thinkin how am I gonna bring that part accross in my speech on who or who will not be covered. And then low and behold our friend Joe says "you lie"....And of course all I hear from my freinds at CNN (for the next 7 days) is all about "you lie" and nothing about what Joe was actually trying to say (or anything on that story)....Its so comical how they can make news out of news that really is not NEWS>....

    The Black Widow