Friday, October 16, 2009

Al Sharpton is the most racist man I have ever seen.

Al Sharpton is the most racist man I have ever seen. He is one of the ones that keep making tension between the races!!! if you have ever listened to Limbaugh, he has never said anything racist, he has repeated what was already said. Sharpton said Limbaugh has made remarks about Michael Vick & another player. I have made fun of Michael Vick.. Remember Sharpton, Michael Vick was busted for illegal dog fighting & killing his own dogs. Is that racist or is it just a fact that I can't stand people who abuse animals.. But you hipocritical sob, you bring race into everything. What business is it of anyones if a man has enough money to buy what ever he wants!!!! Are you jealous you racist pig!!!Go find a real job, instead of feedng off of any remark that may conjure up racism!!! If Rush wants to buy the team then what player is going to give up millions of dollars because AL CHARLATAN SAYS HE IS RACIST?? Look in the mirror Mr Charlaton and tell me what you see. Is it a man or is it a black man?


  1. Sharpton's a hack. He's perfectly happy keeping the have-nots segregated and in a state of squalor. The bonus is that he can get away with blaming white Americans for it. I don't think he'll be able to play that game much longer. It's time to empower ALL Americans and do away with the likes of Sharpton and the rest of his "cry racism, it gets press" wedge-drivers!

  2. Steve: Im a poor white boy but my belief is if you take a gamble and win big its your right to do so (That is what a free Country is all about) You want money..go and WORK for it.....Not only is Sharpton a racist but I'm also a beliver that so is CNN....Sorry your story got me thinking back to a piece I wrote about (a History Piece) when CNN was trying to belittle Southerners for reinacting the Civil War....It's Called History you fricken idiots....