Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Was the Face Book Poll, "Should Obama be killed?" Really done by a Liberal?

The survey -- "Should Obama be killed?" -- was posted by a obvious nutjob and this is nothing new. If I remember correctly there was a major movie during the Bush years about assassinating the president and it was aimed directly at Bush. And another one called Death of a President. There was also a major TV . So lets not get off the current issues. Knowing liberals, they will be blaming Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck for doing it.. LMAO!!!!! Things like this will only give conservatives like myself a bad name. So maybe, just maybe it was done by a Liberal for just that very reason! Its so easy to accuse.
Back to the real news...We've seen Pittsburgh, PA become a war zone. If you've ever been to Pittsburgh, you know that while it is no island paradise, it certainly does not deserve to be broken down and torn apart by a bunch of lazy thugs who want the hard workers of the world to pay massive taxes, just so they can sit their asses on a couch and play PS3 all day.

We've had psychotic world leaders gather in NYC to tell the world how awful America is - and then when Barack Obama was finished, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got up and spoke.

We have seen Glenn Beck mocked on SNL, meaning he's really doing the work of a good journalist. Not bad for a guy who constantly has to remind people he is not a journalist, he's just a rodeo clown.

We heard that Sarah Palin spoke overseas, and then we were told that she was the equivalent of The Dixie Chicks, because she dared to question America's current economic policies - as she was speaking to a group of young financial investors who were learning about the American marketplace.

We have now waited almost one full week for Barack Obama to answer the call from his Commander in the region - the one he appointed - for a deployment of more troops, else we suffer greater loss of life and possibly a complete loss of all efforts we have put forth thus far in Afghanistan.

We have learned that Islamic Jihad is alive and well - on American soil. And to that point - where the hell is Barack Obama, and why has he not given a press conference to compliment the local, state, and federal authorities for working in tandem to root out the evil that was ready to do harm to our fellow Americans?

Why has that handsome woman Janet Napolitano, head of the DHS, not spoken out in total support of the system that was created by George W. Bush and Tom Ridge, with the goal of results exactly as we have seen come to fruition this week?

This was one of the trademarks of George W. Bush's Presidency - he was always there with an "atta boy" for the hard working men and women who keep us safe.

Is this the trademark of the Obama Presidency - to bury his head in the sand and pretend that these events never transpired, in an effort to keep the loony leftists in their fantasy land that there is no such thing as evil?? His actions have shown that he has no idea of the job description and lacks respect for what the office means...worse yet, his constant apologies reflect a disdain for our country! Getting back to the Face book thing, Face book took down the poll Monday soon after it was launched. So why make a big schpeal about it? Things like that happen all the time.

Well.. I'm sure there's an overwhelming amount of other (Important)news stories I have not listed, but I came here at this moment to spread some good cheer, and dammit, I'm going to do just that.
Still got that "hopey-changey" feeling?


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