Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama FINALLY meets with General McChrystal , but in Copenhagen

Shaw thinks that was a great thing! Give me a friggen break.
WHY didn't Obama meet with the General in Whashington? He'd rather inconvenience the General by having him fly long distance to come to Copenhagen for a 25 minute talk!!!
The Won spent two days travel to a meeting for the Olympics of which 4 hours were in meetings, but only 25 minutes to meet with the commanding general of the Afghan war, who had to come to "Him" for the meeting. What a pompous ass
Is that the only way that he could meet with his commanding General? He spent more time trying to get the Olympics to the crime capital of the Midwest, than talking to a General who is trying to win a war against radical Muslims..What does that tell you about this fools priorities? But then his 'me me me'wife sacrificed so much going to Copenhagen. I can't wait to banish these White House squatters..


  1. From what I heard, Obama spent 25 minutes with McChrystal in his plane. And that was it!
    This is absolutely disgusting.
    My son is serving our country in Iraq and his Commander in Chief is ignoring General McChrystal because he's too busy
    doing the road show with Oprah.
    When will the main stream media get a set and talk about this?

  2. You guys hit the nail on the head...Cnn covers Michael Jackson for 5 days.....Who Gives "A RATS ASS"....people are getting shot in Iraq and I see Fkn Michael Jackson shit for 5 days?

    Dear Life is a bowl of Cherries: I will say a prayer for your son....

    You know what really drives me insane? People are over there fighting a war and we treat them like shit. When they come back here they cant get health care etc. I say if your in Iraq for 1 day you get health care free for the rest of your life. The first day you set foot in that country you might die. That has to be worth something....

  3. Life's a bowl: God bless your son for his service. God bless you and his mom for raising him to love his country so much.

    If obama had not met McChrystal on his Olympics junket, the fallout would have been a lot more massive than it's gonna be. I'm sure it was a last minute decision to save his political skin.