Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rev. Al And Rush

So let me get this straight. Rev. Al gets a black girl to attest to being raped and then she recants and he is off free. Rev. Al has never attended college divinity school but calls himself a reverend. Now he thinks that politic speak will have an effect of stopping a NFL team being sold to a buyer? Rev. Al is a certified idiot. If blacks refuse to play for the St. Louis Rams, then so be it. There will be many players that will jump at playing for a good team lead by good owners. Trust me, this is not a black and white issue. It is an issue of people who want a perfect world and know they can't get it. What little Al needs to get is a real job.

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  1. Yeah, Sharpton's a piece of work. I've asked before about his credentials ... the location of his church, etc. Not so much as a mail-order diploma mill in his past!

    This is precisely the thing that has us so divided. The liberal camp usually consists of people who try to represent themselves as someone completely different than who they truly are. This is what got Oblama elected.

    It's our job as conservatives to expose who and what these liberals truly are, and to disassemble their ridiculous agenda.

    Examples include bodies like the ACLU who would like to think they represent the values of the Constitution. Laughable. Or, labor unions who would like to think that they represent the best interest of employees against the backdrop of evil and oppressive corporations. Equally laughable.

    Dozens of other examples exist in one rationally looks at the socialist agenda in this country.