Monday, October 5, 2009

Are we moving closer to an all-out military coup to oust Obama?

The White House is taking pains to downplay conflict between the executive branch and the Pentagon over Afghanistan policy, as President Obama steps up his focus on the still-unresolved war plan. "I get that the Washington game is to do the back-and-forth, I get that," said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. "It's being played well here." A spate of news reports over the weekend and a rare, Sunday talk show appearance.
I feel terrible for the general. Anyone who's ever worked for an incompetent,tone deaf boss knows the feeling. But the stakes are much higher here with lives on the line and military families holding their breath 24 hours a day.Please keep the troops and their families in your prayers,they deserve all the support they can get,especially with our so called president being as big an enemy as the crudballs overseas.

They were playing old tapes of Obama yesterday while running for office saying how he would make military decisions based on what the commanders on the ground said. Well,obviously that's turned out to be another big lie by the Bamster. The whole military complex has been taken over by a bunch of gutless anti-war,anti-American hack politicians. Obama's big dream is to turn the troops on the citizenry that disagrees with him.

Kind of reminds me of LBJ... Vietnam II anyone ?

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  1. IMHO, it *could* happen. If the liberal left and their media bedmates continue to drive the wedge deeper, we could see some sort of showdown. They're wise to it however. It's why we see liberals at the root of each hack-job the military gets from politicians. If the military arm of a bloated government is kept small, the votes from the bloc it represents can be marginalized. Clinton knew that. Apparently Oblama read it somewhere.