Friday, October 16, 2009

Al Sharpton is the most racist man I have ever seen.

Al Sharpton is the most racist man I have ever seen. He is one of the ones that keep making tension between the races!!! if you have ever listened to Limbaugh, he has never said anything racist, he has repeated what was already said. Sharpton said Limbaugh has made remarks about Michael Vick & another player. I have made fun of Michael Vick.. Remember Sharpton, Michael Vick was busted for illegal dog fighting & killing his own dogs. Is that racist or is it just a fact that I can't stand people who abuse animals.. But you hipocritical sob, you bring race into everything. What business is it of anyones if a man has enough money to buy what ever he wants!!!! Are you jealous you racist pig!!!Go find a real job, instead of feedng off of any remark that may conjure up racism!!! If Rush wants to buy the team then what player is going to give up millions of dollars because AL CHARLATAN SAYS HE IS RACIST?? Look in the mirror Mr Charlaton and tell me what you see. Is it a man or is it a black man?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Was Rush Limbaugh Targeted By Obama's Camp?

The plot thickens on the media’s character-lynching of Rush Limbaugh. Of the four stories ran on about Limbaugh’s bid for the Rams (October 6, October 12, October 15, and another October 15) none of them mention that NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith served as council to Attorney General Eric Holder and member of Barack Obama’s transition team.The October 12 article references Smith’s anti-Limbaugh email meant to garner opposition against the radio host’s.
Who else in the 0bama administration has been involved in this because you know it doesn't stop here? I bet there have been phone calls, e-mails and text messages from someone(s) in the White House using channels that avoid official record-keeping. Smith is bad enough but more is likely. Hasn't the White House stated such in its semi-declared war against conservative political shows?

Has anybody noticed that Obama "The Uniter" has been anything but? In my opinion race relations are worse than they ever were. Race seems to be a factor in everything these days and some blacks seem to think that Obama's presence in the WH empowers them to throw there weight around and make all kind of racial accusations. Personally, I think that more whites WILL be feeling some anger against blacks before Obama gets through.
DeMaurice Smith, the Exec. Director of the NFL Players Assn., has never played one minute of football at any level...especially in the NFL.

He has never been the Coach of a Pro Football team, nor has he ever held any other position in pro sports except to be a participant in 'kick boxing', in which I think he has suffered one too many kicks to the head.

What qualifies him for his present position except that he is black and has a big mouth.

Also, where is his law degree from that would qualify him to act as 'council' to the Attorney General of the United States ? Something stinks here folks.

Another Van Jones ?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rev. Al And Rush

So let me get this straight. Rev. Al gets a black girl to attest to being raped and then she recants and he is off free. Rev. Al has never attended college divinity school but calls himself a reverend. Now he thinks that politic speak will have an effect of stopping a NFL team being sold to a buyer? Rev. Al is a certified idiot. If blacks refuse to play for the St. Louis Rams, then so be it. There will be many players that will jump at playing for a good team lead by good owners. Trust me, this is not a black and white issue. It is an issue of people who want a perfect world and know they can't get it. What little Al needs to get is a real job.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Al Sharpton Opens His Big Mouth Again

Al Sharpton joined NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith in urging the league to prevent Limbaugh from owning a team.

Well Sharpton....make a higher bid....stop you whining and suck it up.


Barack Obama's trip to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago for the Olympics would have been a dumb move whatever the outcome. But as it turned out (an airy dismissal would not be an unfair description), it poses some questions about his presidency that are way more important than the proper venue for synchronized swimming. The first, and to my mind most important, is whether Obama knows who he is. His lack of everything except venality becomes more apparent.
While the Iranians scheme to blow the Israelis off the face of the earth, Obama suggests WE get rid of our nuclear weapons, and expends great effort to bring the 'Lympics to Chi-town and line his cronies' pockets.
We may think Obama is a miserable failure as president, but he doesn't.
He is succeeding beyond all expectation, in his goals of bankrupting, emasculating, and Marxizing America.

We have Mission in Afghanistan

-- We must refocus the mission to KILLING BAD GUYS. This will require a brutal ruthlessness and use of all the tools, techniques and tactics at our disposal. This must include BROAD-BASED regional bombing and shelling- even into Pakistan. It will result in lots of DEAD PEOPLE, many of whom we would rather not kill.

Sorry- but that's what it's gonna take.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Are we moving closer to an all-out military coup to oust Obama?

The White House is taking pains to downplay conflict between the executive branch and the Pentagon over Afghanistan policy, as President Obama steps up his focus on the still-unresolved war plan. "I get that the Washington game is to do the back-and-forth, I get that," said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. "It's being played well here." A spate of news reports over the weekend and a rare, Sunday talk show appearance.
I feel terrible for the general. Anyone who's ever worked for an incompetent,tone deaf boss knows the feeling. But the stakes are much higher here with lives on the line and military families holding their breath 24 hours a day.Please keep the troops and their families in your prayers,they deserve all the support they can get,especially with our so called president being as big an enemy as the crudballs overseas.

They were playing old tapes of Obama yesterday while running for office saying how he would make military decisions based on what the commanders on the ground said. Well,obviously that's turned out to be another big lie by the Bamster. The whole military complex has been taken over by a bunch of gutless anti-war,anti-American hack politicians. Obama's big dream is to turn the troops on the citizenry that disagrees with him.

Kind of reminds me of LBJ... Vietnam II anyone ?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama FINALLY meets with General McChrystal , but in Copenhagen

Shaw thinks that was a great thing! Give me a friggen break.
WHY didn't Obama meet with the General in Whashington? He'd rather inconvenience the General by having him fly long distance to come to Copenhagen for a 25 minute talk!!!
The Won spent two days travel to a meeting for the Olympics of which 4 hours were in meetings, but only 25 minutes to meet with the commanding general of the Afghan war, who had to come to "Him" for the meeting. What a pompous ass
Is that the only way that he could meet with his commanding General? He spent more time trying to get the Olympics to the crime capital of the Midwest, than talking to a General who is trying to win a war against radical Muslims..What does that tell you about this fools priorities? But then his 'me me me'wife sacrificed so much going to Copenhagen. I can't wait to banish these White House squatters..