Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Barack Obama's trip to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago for the Olympics would have been a dumb move whatever the outcome. But as it turned out (an airy dismissal would not be an unfair description), it poses some questions about his presidency that are way more important than the proper venue for synchronized swimming. The first, and to my mind most important, is whether Obama knows who he is. His lack of everything except venality becomes more apparent.
While the Iranians scheme to blow the Israelis off the face of the earth, Obama suggests WE get rid of our nuclear weapons, and expends great effort to bring the 'Lympics to Chi-town and line his cronies' pockets.
We may think Obama is a miserable failure as president, but he doesn't.
He is succeeding beyond all expectation, in his goals of bankrupting, emasculating, and Marxizing America.

We have Mission in Afghanistan

-- We must refocus the mission to KILLING BAD GUYS. This will require a brutal ruthlessness and use of all the tools, techniques and tactics at our disposal. This must include BROAD-BASED regional bombing and shelling- even into Pakistan. It will result in lots of DEAD PEOPLE, many of whom we would rather not kill.

Sorry- but that's what it's gonna take.

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