Thursday, September 17, 2009

Commie In The White House?

It's so good that we have Glenn Beck around to explain what's actually happening in our government.

Beck looks at Obama's green jobs czar, Van Jones, and he doesn't like what he sees - claiming to "uncover" a vast conspiracy between the green movement, big labor, and communism.

I think Beck is right on with his commentary on Obama and this administration-anyone would see that to be true if they would actually do some research-and the only reason sponsors are pulling out is because high level people(Van Jones) at the Appollo Alliance sent out tons of petitions to Becks sponsors-forcing them to leave Beck-bottom line is Beck's ratings are through the roof-He is uncovering the truth and the Libs are afraid-so the Left is trying to destroy him-I hate to break it to the Libs-but it is not going to work-You are actually making him more effective with every smear-Keep it up with the lies-you cannot argue against the truth!

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