Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Iran intends to build a nuclear arsenal.

A top official in the Obama Administration has at last admitted what intelligence agents and Israeli government officials have been warning about for years: Iran intends to build a nuclear arsenal.


  1. Sort of like a football pool - some of us are choosing the day and hour Israel will close those centrifuges permanently. Incidentally, with all this work on LEU for their "peaceful purposes", Iranians aren't guarding the only real functioning refinery in the entire country very well. It'd be a tasty target should Israel want to knock a little wind out of Iran's sails without ripping up entire mountainsides.

  2. Steven: First off thank you for visiting my blog. Second You have your story all wrong...I'm sure Iran just wants to power their nation with the Nuclear Plant they are building...right? I mean that is what I hear on CNN...How come nobody from Cnn ever calls the Iranian Leader "A Dumb Ass" when he says this stuff...I will vote for that guy for the presidency....(sorry I boycotted cnn and they are still driving me crazy).

    You have a great blog "I like it"....

    The Black Widow